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A very popular poker game, especially in the online world, is Texas Hold ‘Em. Texas Hold ‘Em is a variation of the poker game that is simple to learn. The game requires players to make their best five-card hand from the hole using three of the community cards and the two cards they own. The player who has a high hand wins the pot.

In order to develop a solid poker strategy, the player must first understand the fundamentals of the game. Texas Hold ‘Em is played with a standard 52 card deck. The dealer deals each player two cards face down and five cards face up. All of the cards dealt face up are community cards that can be used by all of the players. This spells four opportunities for the player to make a hand from three of the cards and the two cards they own.

The player can use two of the cards in their hand to make a hand, and three of the cards on the table can be used to make a hand plus the two cards the player is holding. A hand starts with a small bet and in the next round the player can raise the bet to a full bet. The minimum bet in Texas Hold ‘Em is $10. Therefore, the first round of betting is a low bet and the second round is a raise.

The Community Cards

The second and third cards dealt face up are community cards and if used by a player and a dealer, the player can use both of the cards in their hand and the three cards in the community card to form a hand. During the game, the player can bet, check, fold or raise.

The dealer is not allowed to reply to exchanged cards. Once the player has received all or part of their hand, the game is over. Any player who has less than a full house has the option to take an insurance bet. This is the best interest of the player to not reveal that they have a weak hand during the game.

After the dealer shuffles the cards and gives players their two cards, they must follow the proper procedure. Wrong moves can cause players to lose the game. For example, if the dealer puts the card that was dealt face up in the hole, the cards must be reshuffled and re-dealed. This resets the clock and starts the process again.

The Pair Plus

The player can select the cards to form a hand plus the cards owned by the dealer. If the player has a pair plus, the maximum number of cards that the dealer can have in the hand before the player must hit is 4.

The dealer must hit on soft 17 (a 17 with an Ace). The Pair Plus option is offered to the player once the dealer declares “Deal” (signifying that the hand has been dealt to the player). Once the player declares “Hit,” the dealer compares hands. If the player has a better hand than the dealer, the player wins.


The player can split a pair plus by exceeding the number of cards in the hand of the Vegas88. The player plays two hands and the dealer plays three hands with the cards in each hand being of the rank identical. For example, the player has two 8s and the dealer has two 3s. The player has four 8s and the dealer has three 4s. The player has an eight and the dealer has two 9s. The player has a pair of tens and the dealer has an Ace and a King. The player must hit to double his chances of winning.

Double Down

The player may double the ante and receive one card and increase his chances of beating the casino. The player can double immediately after receiving the first two cards and should immediately announce “Double.” The dealer will receive the arranged card. If the dealer is unable to receive a second card because of a misdeal to the player, the player must hit and the dealer must draw.


Depending on the type of casino, some casinos will allow the player to surrender.