What’s Fashionable in Ladies Heels This Season

Searching for a great new pair of shoes for the summer? Nothing is more fashionable than the high heeled shoe – a perennial favourite that adds interest to any look. Here, we look at the latest trends for high-heeled ladies shoes to highlight the latest styles on the market to make sure you are on top of the latest trends before they become a smash hit in your closet.

Pointy – Toed Heels

A popular trend this summer is the addition of pointed-toe heels in ladies shoes. The addition of these sweet summer shoes increases height without compromising comfort by creating an added balancing point for the arches of the feet. The proportion of the leg to the shoe and the shape of the calf provide a good balance while the design of the shoe draws the eye of the viewer’s gaze down past the waist of the wearer and up to the top of the shoe.

A design that is equally popular is the stiletto heel which increases the height of the women’s heel by an inch or so. This creates a very fashionable and chic look and accentuates the leg in a particular way. Stiletto heels can be found on a variety of shoes for the summer months, but high-heeled women’s dress shoes are by far the most popular.

Color – ivening Heels

Along with the recent trend of bright colours, a common design found on many of the top fashion magazine covers is the colour-ivening heel. From a wide range of materials and colours, colour-ford heels are becoming a popular option for the summer months. These heels add that little bit of extra pizzazz to a particular outfit, drawing the eye of onlookers to an area of the leg that is of particular prominence.

Embellished Heels

Embellished heels are the perfect add-on to those lovely dresses that are bringing the eyes of onlookers down to a beautiful pair of legs. While the embellishment of these heels can be found on many different styles of footwear, a popular look is found with pointed-heeled pumps that have been decorated with a range of different embellishments, from feathers to rhinestones.

Two – Tone Heels

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Two-tone heels are a popular choice of girls shoes this summer. The colour or the design of the shoes can change dramatically to create a really distinct look, but the two-tone look is most popular on certain styles of high-heeled sandals. These changes are subtle to the onlooker, but enough to create a different appearance to those relying on them for height and a dominating attitude. Two-tone sandals are another top pick for those who love to wear high heels, but are uncomfortable in flats.

Thigh – High Boots

You may not think that over-the-knee boots are for the summer months, but they are. Aside from being completely open, they remove some of the cooler mornings from the breeze, replacing peelingAncient Greek goddesses with balmy Cleopatra girls. They are available in a wide range of styles this year, from glowing patent leather to statement South African kinkos.

Sporty Heels

High-heeled sporting footwear is also a mainstay of the hottest footwear trends for the summer months. Whether it’s a pair of stylish, strappy tennis shoes or a sleek track suit shoe, they are a great way for women to feel good about themselves and to grab some of that attention that the shoes alone can no-doubt secure.