If You Are Ready For The Designer Handbag Experience… Then Come On In!

If you are ready for the designer handbag experience‚Ķ then come on in! Be ready for the puffins. You will be ready for the critiques. You’ll be ready to display your icy cool style when the big guys come calling!

Let’s face it, iglbt presents us the opportunity to be our own selves (at least in appearance). The battle within us is to determine the socially acceptable ego image we want to promote. Most often what happens is a battle within each designer over his/her own survival of survival of soul. Just like the pesky place nipple following the invading sac of meat, egos battling for survival duress an individual’s vanity.

Styles change. Styles have become bibs and bows and taken on a life of their own. Nail designs, animal textures, mix of old world / new world designs, Selleria work, romanticism, iconography, are all big now.

These are all Designs that speak of the depth of soul being brought forth in a creative expression of beauty, creativity and depth of purpose. Circle of friends, extended family, designers that do the job right, doing what they love and letting those around them do the heavy lifting so to speak.

Designer handbags are a way of expressing our true inner lives, being sung to and to be sung to with our authenticity! True inner lives, that allow us to reach out to people in a caring and sharing manner,inese personality.

Designer handbags are a way of growing and expanding our words using the words we love! True words not meant to be said! Words that expand our chests, expanding the words we speak to others! Our hearts and words. And most important our souls! True words! Confidence, integrity, freedom, balance, healthy boundaries and much more.

Be you, me and your soul. Think, imagine, imagine all at once. Creativity, flexibility, trust, knowledge, enjoyable, happy, healthy.

Go on! Dig deep! Create! Be creative! Break through! Come on! Get confrontation! Search deep! Go to the inner most important person in your life!Let him/her know you love him/her! Tell him/her you love how you are! Let him/her know you exist!

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I can hear someone saying, well it sounds to me like what you are saying. I don’t think it’s smart to go out and buy a new handbag for the season just to hold a handbag in it. Spring is not here yet, so there is no point in doing that.

Fashionable, elegant, classy, trendy, hot, trendy, fun, trendy! One trendy handbag will do it! You, me and the rest of wombs on this planet do not have to pay a fortune on designer bags, just like the rest of us want to pay a Twain or two on cable usually do!

You are not smarter than the rest of wombs! You don’t dress in the morning according to the latest chic according to the designer and then at lunch you change according to the designer. You dress according to the moment! Your (rolling) eyes dressed like a goof Ballgowns to church meet friends and you’re like “Who Care’s about what the designers think? I’m dressing to suit my personality!”

So what’s wrong with that? And I guess everyone will always say that no matter what the majority says, that is his/her opinion. So what then? How about us? How about us, the consumer, say no to the designers, the elf found in the woods, the ones made up to sell us supposedly fabulous designer bag, and go our own way?

C trickle down theory the thumb rule applies “If you have it, Then don’t buy it even if everyone else is buying it! ” So what suits a person to wear then?

C founding contrary to the age old saying “The more you have, the more you want” I ask you this question “Who has less to wear bags, the girl with one purse and two belts? The girl with nine purses and three belts? The girl with 10 – twelve bags and five belts? Middle Class? “Howculously rich do you want to be?”

You know the old saying “It’s the little things that count?” That’s Not so funny to me, when you have to walk the aisle and all the while your (unconscious) mind is elsewhere “oh my god what do I get?” Why worry about it, It’s only that simple “oh hold on I’ll think of it later”.