How to Pick Lottery Numbers and Win – 5 Strategies!

Can you really pick the winning lottery numbers? Are you trying to use a system or picking your numbers out of a hat?

Can you really use a system to pick the winning lottery numbers? If you guessed no then I really congratulate you. But, if you did guess yes, then I say get a good lottery system!

In this article I will cover 5 strategies to picking lottery numbers that will have you winning more often than not. These will include a mixing of odd and even numbers, high and low numbers, and also includes decimals and fractions to further your chances of choosing the winning numbers.

5 Strategies to Choosing the Winning Lottery Numbers

  1. Randomize Your Numbers – If you keep picking the same numbers over and over again, the lottery computers have the idea that they are picking the winning numbers correctly too.

The funny thing about number generators is that they are actually generating the numbers totally at random, so if you have numbers that are close together it is just possible you may have the winning numbers already picked out, and if you pick them at random you may just as well be picking the wrong ones.

To randomize your numbers you can use either the December 31st, 2009, or the previous month depending on your country. It is also helpful to start playing smaller lotto games before you move on to larger ones.

  1. Use the “QQdewa” Strategy – If you are looking for a way to choose lottery numbers, why not try the Quick Pick Strategy. This involves having the terminal choose random numbers for you using its own formula, which only needs you to have a terminal and the device you are purchasing the lottery tickets from.

The advantage of using the Quick Pick Strategy is that you may be able to get the numbers you need without having to answer any more questions about how to choose lottery numbers. The disadvantage is that the numbers you get may not be the winning numbers.

  1. Find a Winning System – Did you know that there are actually people who have a system for picking winning lottery numbers? Because of the power of using a system to choose lottery numbers, some people decide to create their own official winning system, even though what they are doing is already considered illegal by the governing body of the lottery they are playing in.

If you decide you want to use a system to pick the winning lottery numbers, make sure you use one you are not familiar with first. Make sure you are very familiar with how the system works and what it includes. If you can master this, you will be on your way to the road of winning, whether it be the lottery or some other form of gambling.

  1. Official Websites – In order to verify if a system is real, or not, you should look for some or all of the following information:
  • Is there a money back guarantee, if the system will refund your purchase price?
  • Are there any testimonials from those who have used the system in the past?
  • Is the system being sold through an official lottery website, such as:
  • Lottery Software* Blackjack Strategies* Poker Strategies* Sports Betting* Casino Games

Betting on any of the above would be the same as guessing, and this is a fact not to be wondered upon. The fact is that unless you can afford to risk it, just being lucky is not enough to make you a winner. Learning the ropes of the game, and being able to decide when to quit, is a very important skill that a lot of players don’t know they have, and will never know until they try it.

The other fact about a winning system besides knowing if it works or not, is that the system would have to be 100% legal. As long as you have the money to bet big, and there is no law banning the sale of the particular system you decide to purchase, then there seems to be nothing to prevent you from buying it. Some people believe that gambling is not within the reach of law, but when you look at the lottery laws in the states, that may not be the case.

So when you go to pick your individual number combination, make sure you select one that is unique, and if you base your number choices solely on their favorite number, than you are not going to increase your odds of winning. Strategy #1 is to make sure you choose a number combination that is spread across the number field. It does not make sense to choose a number combination that is near each other. Just as you wouldn’t expect to win if you chose only numbers 4-12, the same is true if you choose only odd or even numbers. 70% of the time, the winning numbers will be a mix of both odd and even numbers.