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Responsible Gambling Č Gambling can be a lot of fun and for most people it is a way of relaxing after a day of work. Unfortunately, gambling can also steal away their hard earned money and become an addiction that could spiral their lives into months of debt. The magic word to remember when gambling is responsible. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, if you are taking money intended for something else such as food, clothes or household expenses, it is important to consider money as the most important aspect of our lives.

While there is nothing wrong with gambling, it is most definitely addictive and the dangers are double when gambling is combined with other conditions such as drinking, smoking, spaces and TVs, the list is endless. The sooner you can admit that you are addicted to gambling the easier it will be to action the responsible gambling lifestyle.

Personally I must say that I am not someone susceptible to gambling. I had never been addicted to anything, either a drug nor to gambling or any other sort of activity. But recently I found myself downstairs in the basement of my house with a bunch of friends. There was a lot of drinking and the smoking had become a problem. I had always blamed the fact that I had to go out on a Saturday night to party as anything other than a way to escape from the grinding depression whichamation I had punched in the middle of the afternoon.

The fact that I had to go out tonight was the reason for my Saturday night. I had no money and no way to make money fast in my current job which is extremely slow going and inefficient as it is. Plus, I wasn’t having any luck and was constantly sinking coins into the machines dealing. I considered giving gambling a chance but I had already spent $40 that week so I threw it all aside and decided to treat myself to a little spending money. I had one of those AmazonBasics Editions starting to see if it would work. I would have never guessed that I would have spent the next $10 or so on it.

At first I tried and built the system myself by reading the instructions and using the resources available on the net. I started out with a $10 bankroll and a $1 bonus code for a deposit of $10. I played the $10 on some sort of craps I still had in the basement (pass on to the future). I hit an okay win on the shooter side. Not a lot of money, but it was enough to know I was close. With the $1 bonus code, I finished out the session and had an extra $10 in my pocket.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to put at least $20 into the online pokerace99 and double my money. After all, I was only risking a dollar. I started gambling in earnest that very day and lost $200. I did well in the meantime though and managed to save the rest of my money. I managed to get $50 from the casino and I had a $300 bankroll. This is where the profit came in. From the $50 in the casino I had $ Mahjong points I did not bet or buy in with. I did not bother to cash them in since I would have rather spent it on more Mahjong stuff. I had fun at the casino and made money by spending more than I earned.

The following day I planned on having a little fun. I decided to give the casino a try. I walked in the door and lost heavily. I left the rest of my money there and went straight to the craps table. I lost again and did not bother to spend anything else but the $200. I did not spend at all that day, after counting my money. I left the casino with $400 in my pocket.

Craps is a great way to win a lot of money if played correctly. My strategy had been to play only the pass line so I was right 60% of the time. At this point you would think I was a rockstar gambler. Unfortunately I was not thinking about that at all. I was living on the edge. I had become a part-time craps player. I was working my ass off and putting as much money as I could in with the hopes of a big win.

The reality of it is that the casino expects you to lose and will offer you free drinks and tips to encourage you to bet more money. They probably have handled hundreds of thousands of dollars in play in the same casino. They know which bets attract which numbers of people so they know which ones to target. They have watched people spend hundreds of dollars on the same numbers over and over.

You can also fall for their tricks and fall into their traps. They may give you a hundred bucks or a thousand dollars to risk on the one dollar box bet. Be sure to look at the high roller feature. The one dollar box has an eight to one payout.

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